14 Sorts Of Tee Shirt Collar Styles for Male

August 27, 2021 By Moonlight 0

Collar functions as an essential part of the t shirt which stays attached around the neck area. It can either be made of a totally various material or the same one having varying degrees of density. However while on the pursuit of the perfect t shirt, it most definitely pays to have knowledge concerning the types of collars and that is exactly what we are mosting likely to go over today.

14 Various Sorts Of T-shirt Collar Styles Every Man Need To Know

Spread Eagle Collar

Royal Prince Charlie Collar

Madmen Collar

Bandhgala Collar

Hipster Collar

Hipster Rounded Collar

Prepster Collar

Wickedness Pandit Collar

Dual Collar

Polo Collar

Hidden Polo Collar

Club Collar

Ozwald-Boateng Collar

Wing Collar

1. Spread Eagle Collar

This timeless style looks perfect on guys having a thin or angular face. It features collar bone that makes the collar part look cool yet stylish. You can see this modern-day collar in both formal as well as semi-formal clothing. It can be shown off with a wide tie knot. Both its endpoint at 5″ range from one another.

Event: Formal & Organization Casual

Face Forming: Oval face & oblong face

Link Knot: Balthus connection knot & Eldredge tie knot

2. Prince Charlie Collar

Round-faced individuals look exceptionally complementary in this style which was popularized by the British Nobility. This can be paired in addition to a suit and also tie for a suave appearance. You can primarily locate this classic design on official puts on as the collar finishes point at a range of 3″ from one another which enables ample room for tying a tool knot.

Event: Classic official

Face Forming: Round face

Connect Knot: Windsor tie knot & trinity connection knot

3. Madmen Collar

Individuals having a long and sharp face look remarkably excellent using this cutaway collar which looks suitable for being sported to those after functioning hour beverages. If you happen to be wearing a t shirt having psychos collar and intend to use a connection, after that you ought to wage a Windsor knot. The collar factors of this design end at a void of 6.5-8″ from each other as well as make certain a tight fit around the neckline.

Celebration: Formal & Service Casual

Face Forming: Square face & oblong face

Tie Knot: Windsor connection knot & Eldredge connection knot

4. Bandhgala Collar

This traditional collar can mainly be seen in traditional attires as well as looks similarly lovely on all face cuts. It features a 1″ thick band which twists around the neckline with no points or spreads. You can pair this collar with official along with informal t shirts.

Celebration: Formal & Company Casual

Face Shape: All face forms

5. Hipster Collar

This recent addition to the male wardrobe looks excellent when used without a connection given its slim spread. But if you are relentless concerning wearing one, then you can go with a slim connection. This contemporary as well as skinny collar resembles a desire on casual t-shirts.

Event: Casual

Face Forming: Oval face

6. Hipster Rounded Collar

This non-traditional slim rounded collar can help you stick out from the regular with your edgy style feeling. Individuals having an angular face can pull off this collar kind with full panache. Its rounded collar factors look best in laid-back shirts.

Event: Laid-back

Face Shape: Square face & oblong face

7. Prepster Collar

This button-down skinny collar can help you strike the ideal balance in between hipster as well as preppy collar kinds. It is perfect for individuals having an oval face. A crucial particular attribute of the prepster collar is its slim collar spread as well as medium length points.

Occasion: Formal.

Face Shape: Oval face.

8. Wickedness Pandit Collar.

Do not let the name perplex you as this affable collar was really turned into a mainstream style symbol by our prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. This classic band collar has actually gone through a modern style transformation in contemporary times and looks excellent with both official and also semi-formal t-shirts. Another unique aspect of this collar is that it looks good on all face types.

Occasion: Formal & Company Casual.

Face Shape: All face forms.

9. Double Collar.

If you are not pleased with just one collar, after that the double collar can undoubtedly serve you well. This variant to the classic Polo design has tool spread as well as looks finest with semi-formal tee shirts. Individuals with round or oblong face look extremely complementary in this button-down collar style.

Event: Organization Casual.

Face Forming: Oval face shape & round face.

10. Polo Collar.

This immensely popular collar kind looks exceptional with much less elegant fits in addition to sports jackets as well as loafers. The collar factors of polo collar tee shirts are lengthy and also upright. They also have medium spread as well as are suitable for individuals having a round or oblong face. You can work outtotal adaptability while attaching the buttons on the collar of golf shirt based on your preference.

Occasion: Laid-back.

Face Shape: Round face & oval face.

11. Concealed Polo Collar.

Want to maintain the switch down a secret? After that think say goodbye to as well as choose the concealer polo including a metallic breeze button in its inside region. This style resembles polo and also is defined by up and down lengthy collar points along with tool spread. Round-faced individuals can complete this collar style pretty well particularly while sporting semi-formal t shirts.

Celebration: Formal & Organization Casual.

Face Forming: Round face.

12. Club Collar.

This style was made popular by NBA trainer Pat Riley and looks lovely on elegant suits and bespoke tee shirts. It features rounded sides and has a tool spread. The club collar style looks finest on individuals having a long or oval face and can be quickly styled with a connection.

Celebration: Formal.

Face Forming: Oval face & oblong face.

Connect Knot: Pratt, Windsor & Balthus tie knot.

13. Ozwald Boateng Collar.

This collar has actually been named after its British namesake developer. It stands out from its peers in regards to superb class as the ripped design can drag the spotlight on you in all formal celebrations. People with an oblong face look best in this collar design which can be matched to excellence with a slim connection.

Event: Formals.

Face Forming: Oblong face.

Tie Knot: Half Windsor & Four-in-hand.

14. Wing Collar.

This collar design has been specially created for being put on with a tux and also bow connection. You can thus save it for your special occasions. It suits all face cuts provided you don’t match it with a necktie.

Occasion: Most official.

Face Shape: All face forms.

Tie Knot: Bow type.

A collar can improve the face attributes of its wearer dramatically. Since you have obtained initial level understanding regarding the various types of collar, you can quickly style your look by picking the one which matches your individuality and the event you are going to in the most effective way possible.