Valentine’s Day gift guide for Every woman

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Ok, guys, this one’s for you. If you received a link to this Valentine’s Day gift guide publish via text from your girlfriend, other half or partner, I have some news — she doesn’t want flowers as well as a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day this year.

Don’t get me wrong. Flowers as well as chocolate are completely fine gifts on any type of other day of the year. show up with a lots ruby red roses impulsively — with no holiday pressuring you to do it — as well as you’re golden. however on V Day, the bouquet as well as truffles can feel like a box checked or a task completed. Giving her the default gift falls a teensy bit short as a genuine expression of love.

A much better choice is the gift that reflects who she is as well as what’s important to her. as well as of program that sounds nice in theory, however it’s relatively tough to implement. So here’s what I’ve got to make things easier, a Valentine’s Day gift guide for every girl: specific gift ideas for your lady, whoever she may be.

For the Traditionalist

She wears white pearls as well as black pumps. She loves going out for a Valentine’s Day themed meal on precisely February 14 each year. And, she tends to gift watches as well as wallets to the men in her life.

She’s a traditionalist, which means she won’t judge you for bringing her red roses. however she’d likewise love something additional expressive, like the Rebus Charm set from Chamilia.

Rebus Charm Set, $99, Chamilia

This adorable sterling silver set contains a special message, adorned in pink as well as red Swarovski crystals. She can wear the charms together or separately on a neck chain or bracelet.

For the Purist

She prefers to eat organic as well as she never, ever goes to bed with her make-up on. On the weekends, she’s volunteering for beach clean-ups or buying at the farmer’s market. Your woman is a purist, as well as she appreciates all things that are as close to their natural state as possible. For skin as well as body care, she’ll love to discover about PUR Attitude.

PUR mindset Love Your Body gift Set, $82, PUR Attitude

Sugar Shea Body Scrub, $28, PurAttitude

PUR mindset is a line of skin, body as well as haircare products made without water as well as with only the safest beauty ingredients. So, no harsh chemicals, carcinogens, parabens, PEGs, glycols, sulfates, petro-chemicals, synthetic fragrances or artificial dyes. You may discover some of these in other skincare brands, however not in PUR Attitude.

The PUR mindset Love Your Body gift set includes shampoo, conditioner as well as a tub of foaming body scrub. It’s indulgent, high-quality stuff. (And if your woman good friend isn’t likely to take it the wrong way, you may likewise check out the Best Sellers trial Kit of anti-aging products. These products will be appreciated as well as enjoyed by the lady who want to take a new as well as different approach to her anti-aging routine.)

For the Adventurer

When she’s near water, she’s diving, kayaking or snorkeling. While inland, she gravitates to zip lines as well as mountain bike trails. The adventurer is always outside, on the go, looking for her next close-to-nature experience.

Qalo Customized Silicone Ring, $50, Qalo

Flat, smooth as well as strong, silicon rings can withstand every experience she takes you on. Qalo adds a twist to the silicon ring game by allowing for customization — she’ll love the personal touch of a special message on the inside or outside of the band. And, you two are married, pick up a set as well as utilize them as back-up wedding event bands.

For the Athlete

She spends more time with her gear bag than her hand bag, as well as she’s a routine on the business softball team. She’ll run a 5K on Saturday as well as then play pick-up soccer on Sunday.

Foot Spa Bath Massager w/ Heat, HF vibration, O2 Bubbles, $60, Amazon

After all that activity, the woman athlete in your life might utilize some pampering. She may not care for a day at the spa — she can’t sit still that long — however a quick, at-home foot treatment is just indulgent enough. look for a foot spa that delivers warm as well as vibration for maximum impact.

For the Socialite

Her preferred type of Friday evening fun is hobnobbing at a cocktail party. She loves dressing up, as well as is completely in her aspect when surrounded by her five best girlfriends.

Swarovski Blue double Bracelet, $29, Swarovski

Swarovski Blue double Bracelet, $29, Swarovski

For the socialite, the only thing much better than astatement bracelet is the statement bracelet that doubles as a choker. This gorgeous, shimmery blue, double-wrap bracelet works as well on the neck as on the wrist. as well as that means your woman will get twice the compliments from her gal pals!

For the Fashionista

She says she has nothing to wear, however her closet is clearly full. She has five pairs of black heels as well as you can’t tell the difference between them — however you don’t attempt ask her to explain.

I Heart You Silk Diamond Scarf, $39, Bloomingdale’s

The fashion woman appreciates luxurious silk, as well as this neck scarf is an accessory that works year-round. Plus, the small heart pattern as well as pink edge provide the Valentine’s Day sentiment perfectly.

For the Overachiever

She runs the PTA, she’s climbing the business ladder as well as she never misses a workout. You question at exactly how she gets it all done so gracefully.

Spa Finder gift Card

A spa day is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. You may have to make the visit as well as drive her there, however your overachieving woman good friend might utilize a massage. Make things even more special by booking a couples massage so you can enjoy the downtime together.

Special thanks to PUR mindset as well as Chamilia for providing editorial samples for this Valentine’s Day gift guide!

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