Dine in style with pretty white wine Totes

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BYOB?  keep your white wine bottle as stylish as you are.  In other words, skip the brown paper bag wrapped around your fave Chardonnay and instead, choose pretty wine totes. Seriously, meeting your friends for dinner and showing up with a tattered paper bag doesn’t exude style (worse if the receipt is still stapled to the bag).

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I realize we’re not living Downton Abbey fancy-pants lives, raising our pinkies while ringing a bell to summon help, but c’mon ladies . . . there’s style and then there’s skimping on style.  If you’re going to go all out, go all out.  Besides, some of these white wine totes are too fun to resist!

Pretty white wine Totes We Love

We’ve found pretty white wine totes that’ll make you want to make a dinner reservation for no reason other than to show off your new find. get ready to dine in style.

1) get your plaid on with this adorable white wine purse.  It’s sturdy, classy and absolutely provides protection from breaking.

Tan Plaid white wine Purse (with strap and corkscrew white wine opener), $29.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond

2) get colorful with these bright, patterned white wine totes. Be bold!

Tyrian white wine Totes, $14.95 (single), $19.95 (double) from Pier 1 Imports

3) show of that earthy vibe with this environmentally-friendly white wine tote. It’s PVC-free, lined and even comes with a corkscrew and white wine stopper.

Picnic at Ascot Eco single bottle white wine Tote Natural, $30.95 from Overstock.com

4) get your shine on with this sparkly gold number.

Diamonds white wine Tote in Gold, $9.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond

5) give your white wine bottle a personal and playful with this whimsical dotted white wine tote. get it monogramed for fun!

Personalized white wine tote, $22.50 from Etsy

Tell us what white wine totes catch your eye.   We’d love to hear from you so leave a comment below!

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