Official wedding Photos solve mystery of Kate’s coat color

October 12, 2021 By Moonlight 0

hello and happy Monday to all. Have you recovered from the royal wedding weekend?

Official photographs from Saturday’s wedding were released today by Kensington Palace. The three images were shot at Windsor Castle shortly after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex returned from their carriage ride.

The pictures are all lovely remembrances of the day. For our purposes there is an added element to the images: we have a much clearer representation of the color of Kate’s Alexander McQueen coat.

The color is clearly a very pale yellow in the new photograph, especially when contrasted against the white of Charlotte’s dress. but what a mystery it has been, and a challenge to sort out, at least for yours truly!

On Saturday it appeared indistinguishable from the previously-worn McQueen, despite a news release from Kensington Palace that said the Duchess would be wearing “…a primrose yellow wool silk tailored coat by Alexander McQueen.” Some thought the contrast between the coat and the dress worn beneath it showed the color of the outer garment as yellow. On my monitor and iPad it just looked like a heavier, darker cream or ivory.

The seams on the back on the back and shoulders looked almost identical, but you can *just* see a small distinction: Kate’s new coat appeared to have a tiny bit more shoulder padding, puffing the shoulder up perhaps a 1/4″ more than the seam on the 2015 coat.

As many have noted in comments here and on the Facebook page, the sleeves on the new piece had buttons. The fact there were buttons didn’t automatically mark this as a new garment in my mind; it is the additional fabric required to have the fabric overlap at the cuff that was a deciding factor. There would not have been enough fabric in the seams of the christening coat to have the overlap. (Apologies for not having a better photo showing that overlap, I will keep looking for one.) Of course the obvious question would then be: would Kate really go to the time and trouble, not to mention the expense, of having a garment altered just to add buttons? For her brother-in-law’s wedding?

The other major factor: seeing what Kate wore Saturday side-by-side with her outfit at Charlotte’s christening in 2015.  This should have alerted me that it had to be a new coat; there just wouldn’t have been enough fabric to accommodate the changes in Kate’s size and shape between 2015 and now.

This one was really a puzzler. The input everyone shared in comments has been outstanding and very educational for me, it has really been a learning experience, particularly in the different perspectives on light colors at weddings.

I think Kate did what she has done previously: she chose something that she thought would have the least distraction factor. Her penchant for having garments she is fond of made in multiples is well documented. Below, two Emilia Wickstead coat dresses.

Two Amanda Wakeley frocks; there is a third color Kate purchased that we’ve not seen her wear. 

And two more Emilia Wickstead dresses.

For full details on what Kate wore for the wedding, click here to see the original post.

BTW, if the official photo had a familiar feel, it is with good reason. two of the three pictures released today were taken in the green drawing room at Windsor Castle. That is the same setting for the classic Annie Leibovitz image of the Queen with her five great-grandchildren and her two youngest grandchildren; that picture was taken to mark HM’s 90th birthday.

There are a few tidbits from Saturday that didn’t make the post, or were added after most people had read the piece. This first image shows Kate’s former personal private secretary, Rebecca Deacon, and her husband, Gibraltarian football player Adam Priestley, as they arrived at St. George’s Chapel.


This next item was added to Saturday’s post midday Sunday, I’m guessing many readers may not have seen the update. It involves the ring Kate was wearing on Saturday; it turns out the piece looks like a ring the Duchess has been seen wearing since at least 2008. below left, Kate in January 2008 wearing what looks like the same ring; on the right, Kate appears to be wearing the same piece at the wedding of lady rose Windsor and George Gilman at The Queen’s Chapel, St. James’s Palace in July 2008.

Thanks to Charlotte of the HRH Duchess Kate blog, she pointed out the January 2008 information, and also to Lorena for her comment on Saturday’s post, she shared links to images of Kate wearing the ring at the Windsor/Gilman wedding!

The final item is some cute photos of Princess Charlotte at Saturday’s wedding. I’m not licensed to use them on the What Kate’s Kids Wore site, but they’re too precious to leave unpublished. This one is proof positive the Princess hasn’t lost her touch when it comes to the royal wave.

These next two should just be captioned, “Sometimes you just have to sneeze!”

This gives us another glimpse of the “looking back over the shoulder wave,” much like what we saw at the Lindo Wing.

And this final shot shows Charlotte gathering up her skirt as she climbs into the automobile to head home.

On that happy note we will close, we’ll see you later in the week!