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My BFF Robyn just recently visited London, and was declined entry to The Ritz due to the fact that she was wearing pants (the dress code is clarified right here). Besides being humiliated, she was rather stunned that areas still exist in the world where pants are thought about undesirable attire.

” I had simply met an English friend of a friend, and also we were rejected entrance. I was embarrassed,” Robyn said. “?,” she included. “In all fairness I really did not know we were going to The Ritz.”

It obtained me thinking, where else can’t you put on pants? Most weddings, supper at the White Home, the Oscars, a task meeting … where else? After a little study, Robyn uncovered Jean-Georges in NYC additionally forbids denim. I utilized to assume church belonged on the listing, yet last time I chose my parents, lots of worshippers put on denim.

WhoWhatWear wrote a blog post back in 2014 listing 9 locations where you ought to never ever use jeans:

Work interview

A crucial work presentation

A court day

When holding a dinner celebration

Fulfilling your boyfriend’s family

To a wedding

To a wake

To a wedding rehearsal dinner

To a fancy art event

I agree with all but 2 of these: I’m quite sure the last time I offered jury obligation, practically every various other juror wore pants throughout the trial. Probably we were all marked as impolite by the judge. I’m also rather sure none of my pals would provide a care if I used pants to organize them for supper (and vice versa). As well as obviously they require to at The Ritz and also Jean-Georges to their listing!

What do you assume? Where would you avoid wearing pants?

[Photo using The Ritz London].

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