Stromae – The biggest news Out Of Belgium because Jean-Claude Van Damme, Waffles, as well as Fries

March 3, 2022 By Moonlight 0

Please forgive my geek out over Stromae (aka Paul Van Haver).

Last week I was in St. Martin to see my household as well as in Anguilla for work.  All week my sister, brother-in-law, as well as I, kept hearing this killer French song… in the car, at beach bars, etc.  The very first time I heard it I was hooked.  It was so different from anything else available in pop.

This morning I woke as much as an email from my sibling stating she Shazamed it however the clip didn’t show up up until she returned to DC.

I went to iTunes since I had to purchase the single. While I was there I discovered there was one more single that was number one. I clicked on it as well as “discovered” it was  a tune I’ve been hearing a great deal in Italy lately.  I’ve been trying for weeks to find it down.

Stromae was born in Belgium to a Belgium mom as well as a Rwandan father.  You can hear the influences of Euro dance music, African music, Caribbean music, as well as American hip hop in his work.

I am consumed with his album Racine Carrée.   Obsessed.   It has been a monster hit in Europe, including the non French speaking countries.  I question if he will have a hit in the States.  I cannot keep in mind the last French tune to do so.  It likewise reached the top ten in Canada.

I will always partner this tune with being in Caribbean.  It’s only March however it’s in the running to be my summertime of 2014 jam.  The drums are providing me life.  Seriously.


Stromae examined music as well as film in school.  This video moved me.  His dad was killed during the Rwandan genocide in 1994.


And the tune that is currently a significant hit in Italy.  Stromae showing both sides of a relationship.

Despite studying French for seven years in school, I speak at many ten words.  I looked up the translations to Stromae music.   His lyrics address a range of issues, many of them quite heavy.  There is compound to choose the beats.  I get why he has got both important as well as industrial success.

I haven’t been this thrilled about a new (to me) artist because the very first time I heard Amy Winehouse.



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