The design files – Something’s Gotta Give, Fifteen Years later

March 30, 2022 By Moonlight 0

I follow writer/director Nancy Meyers on Instagram.  She recently published a post relating to the upcoming fifteenth anniversary of her film.  I cannot believe it’s been that long considering that the release of one of the best interior design films ever produced.  Yes, I know the motion picture isn’t about interior design but the production design was so exquisite that years later the interiors, by production Designer, Jon Hutman and set Decorator, Beth Rubino, look as charming as ever.

I was talking to a kitchen & bath interior designer and she said that her clients are still referencing the kitchen.  Creating interiors that are timeless, yet fresh, isn’t easy.

The interiors help us get a sense of who Erica Barry is.  She’s a very successful woman of a certain age (56), who has completely shut down in the romance department.  This was one of Diane Keaton’s best roles.  Jack Nicholson was wonderful as well.  These type of sharp comedic roles are not easy and Jack’s Harry Sanborn character, in particular, was complicated.  We were rooting for Erica from the get go. Harry, if played by a lesser actor, may have come across as a complete cad, a boring cliché of a man in his mid 60s chasing after women a lot more than half his age. Jack and Diane had terrific chemistry. You can’t manufacture magic.

This motion picture had it all.  I wish Hollywood would make a lot more romantic comedies about and for adults.  I keep hearing and reading this genre is dead, at least for feature films.  This is unfortunate.  The world needs a lot more romance!

For now, let us take pleasure in this stunning home. The exterior was from a real home in Southhampton.  The interiors were built on a sound stage.

For  more information relating to sourcing and how the interiors were created, check out interior designer Linda Merrill’s post.

Photo:  Architectural Digest

Photo: Pursuitist
Photos:  Modern country style except where noted.



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